You are free to request joining us or to support us, only if our activities match what you like or are happy to do. We have only 2 rules:

  • Rule Number 1: Make sure you enjoy yourself in our activities and with respect
  • Rule Number 2: it is a club but not a company and not a job either. You are free to leave at anytime

Caricon club is a social and cultural club. We are acting for people and for the environment. Focusing on promotion of  knowledge, Recreation, Social Responsibility, Connection and Creativity. You can join the club in order to share and live your passions, just by participating in some social and cultural activities that you see as hobbies.

Here is a list of what we do and plan to do – Join us today if you feel that you will enjoy yourself by acting with us.

  • SPCWAYS : Saint Louis Private Class, Computer, Concept and Ways. Through this initiative we plan to provide computer operation lessons to children and youth with low budget from the caribbean and rest of the world. Lessons are provided through planned sessions for free or at very low cost, depending on possibilities and facilities – We are just sharing knowledge with them. And this is very important when we all know what being able to use computers and other informatics devices represent nowadays. Most of these children or youth do not have the opportunity to have a computer in order to learn at home or cannot afford paying to have training. We share knowledge with them on how to use MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint. We also share knowledge about how to use or to customize WordPress, and we help some of them to have their project online, by providing them hosting service and domain name registration through – You can join this initiative if you would like to bring your part.
  • Copy Books Support: The objective of this initiative is to help some needy children to have copy books for school. Many children are going to school with empty school bags. We give them copybooks, at least they will be able to take notes. You can join this initiative if you like it.
  • Help us to dress the Children : We usually visit orphanages and spend good moments with the children. During our visits we observed that the children are facing a serious lack of clothes. We launched this initiative in order to collect clothes (used or new) for them. We distribute the collected clothes included sandals, baskets, shoes etc.during months of June or July
  • Children heart must be happy: In june we bring clothes for the children in  orphanages we visit. But we still have things to resolve. During orphanage visits, we observe that the children also need toys to play. Children must be happy is campaign through which we collect toys for the children during the whole year and we distribute them at the orphanages we visit on December
  • Caribbean Sharing Stand: We may not have a lot, but we share. The objective of this initiative is “to help, to help”. Various people or groups like us want to help, but they also need help. So we are trying to support or help people who want to help. We share time, knowledge, money, contacts, facilities etc.

We have and are working on other projects that promote: cross-cultural exchange, reading, writing, positive use of new technologies and social media, values and good actions recognition, support to talents, support to youth initiative, positive recreation, health, civism, women protection, environment protection, responsible tourism, positive mind, etc. Your hobby can be a good cause. Feel free to let us know if you have an idea or if you would like to participate or if you just would like to bring support. Click here to contact us.

Francklin Pierre / Founder of Caricon Club /