Knowledges - Recreation - Creativity - Connection - Social Responsibiity

  • The club

    Caribbean and International Connection Club (Caricon Club) is social and cultural Club - A support space that creates instructives, recreatives activities and also promotes creativity and "Social Responsibility". Every member of the club must do his social duty - They must participate and support our social program for: needy children, environment, etc. They must also participate in other intercultural activities that we do in the Caribbean and other parts of the world.

  • How to support

    You are free to Contribute the way you are able to and according to your possibilities - You can provide Material Support: (new or used computer, tablet and other electronics) - Toys and clothes for children (new or used) - Food - Book / Financial support: Money Donation, Promotion or else / Human Ressources Support: Act, connect people, participate (Contact, Reference, Expertise, etc.) Even a suggestion can be helpful. You are free to meet us, call us or message us.

  • Let's stay connected

    Let's stay Connected ! Feel free to contact, join, like or follow us via the social networks! Find us with the username @Cariconclub / Feel free to send us your message or bring your support any time / Connect us to your comments and posts with HashTag #CariconClub / Caricon Club wants to be instructive, rich in creativity, recreative, and socially useful. Invite us to your activities and campaigns or join ours. Our world is suffuring a lack of positives actions, let's act.